Peach Crops for Spring

March 7, 2014 - 6:42pm

With the lingering winter weather just now starting to move on, some people are worried about summer fruits coming up in time for a spring harvest.

Mary Charles Burnette of Burnette Farms in Chilton County says the deep freezes that affected the South in January and February have not bothered their peach crops so far. Burnette says the real trouble happens if a late frost sets in after peach buds have already bloomed.

Clanton's Peach Park says they are not too worried about a possible peach shortage. Manager Allen Hathcock says peaches are what keep the park alive and booming with visitors, but they expect to still see a good crop come into the store anyways this spring.

Burnette says they will start harvesting their peaches in mid-May and if a late frost happens after some peaches have grown, it may help thin out smaller peaches so they have a better harvest. 

Kristen Bolden